Families matter

Breakfast looks forward

Unlike dinners, which can be periods of reflection, breakfast typically starts the day on an optimistic note — making it the ideal time for families to start their day together.

In fact, studies show that kids who eat breakfast, including cereal, tend to do better in school, miss fewer

Breakfast makes a difference

Research suggests that eating breakfast is associated with better school performance - in fact, studies also show that breakfast helps kids stay alert and perform cognitive tasks better.

Many other studies on academics & nutrition have found that eating breakfast also improved outcomes such as memory, test grades and even school attendance.

A little breakfast
goes a long way

A family breakfast can be had in as little as 7 minutes but the benefits are significant. Studies show that breakfast is associated with improved nutrition, healthier body weights and better school performance.

A favorite finger food

Just the right size for their little fingers, and the perfect nutrition for a growing body. Learn more about what makes Cheerios a favorite finger food.